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Clean Energy Against Fuel Energy – What is Better for Us?

In countries, several people are adapting to what we call renewable energy, and many companies and factories create new products that are useful for us. In this article we take a look at the key differences between renewable and fuel energy and how they stack up against each other.

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Fuel Energy

Our world is continually changing. The economic development that unleashed the industrial revolution is making our society evolve.

A fully industrialized society where economic development is linked to energy sources. The energy that the human being consumes daily to develop all activities, is obtained from different sources.

The combustion, extraction, processing and transport of these fossil fuels have a direct effect on the greenhouse effect. Almost 80% of global carbon dioxide emissions come from the use of fossil fuels. The population is affected by pollution and suffers from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. It provides a large amount of energy. Although they do not serve for a long time, they are strong and cheap energies.

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Renewable Energy

It is a system of energy production excluding any pollution or management where we get rid of all hazardous waste for our planet. These energies are those that do not generate waste. However, clean energies are in full development in view of our current concern for the preservation of the environment and the crisis of exhaustible energies such as gas or oil.

In addition, they use natural sources such as wind and water. The most commonly used sources of clean energy are geothermal energy, which uses the internal heat of our planet, wind energy, hydroelectric energy and solar energy, often used for solar water heaters. There are many advantages of clean energies as their own name indicates. They do not pollute, do not produce waste, do not cause chemicals, they are renewable, they reduce pollution.

Now you know some differences between renewable energy and how fuel is used to generate energy. What kind of energy do you use? What would you do to improve the quality of life of people living on the planet? The use of clean energies in our lives will help us to reduce problems such as pollution or global warming.

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Three Ways of Implementing Clean Energy at Home

While it may seem impossible to implement clean energy alternatives at home, we have the answer for you. As our last article had many visits and was very useful in renewable energy options, here we give you some clean energy options that are also very useful to save energy at home!

Rooftop Solar Panels

We have talked about solar panels, they work using the photovoltaic cells of the sun. These cells are combined in many different ways to achieve both the voltage and the desired power and thus be able to get solar energy is converted into energy that we can consume cleanly and without damaging the environment.

The process is that the light, which arrives in the form of photons, impacts on the solar panels that emits electrons that, when captured, produce an electric current. Of course, at the moment very few companies in the world have the capacity and the necessary technical resources to be able to produce them.

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Solar Oven

The solar oven is an appliance that allows you to cook food using the energy of the sun. It belongs to the group of solar cookers for accumulation. It is basically a thermally insulated space, designed to capture as much sunlight as possible, transform it into useful heat and keep it inside to prepare food.

It works with solar energy, its main feature is that it accumulates heat gradually allowing cooking food at lower temperatures than conventional methods, which has a positive effect on the taste and nutritional quality of the preparations. Besides baking, it allows you to cook and boil. It is also ideal for sterilizing glass jars, preparing some types of preserves and dehydrating foods.

Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater is a device that uses solar energy that reaches the earth’s surface in the form of radiation, water at times, environment, brine, glycol or even air. Its most common use is to heat water for use in sanitary services such as showers, laundry or swimming pools.

The efficiency of the heaters is not excessive, but as the energy is free its use is almost always quite profitable. If the circulation is direct, potable water is used and it will be used in showers, toilets and washing machines. The water passes through the collector to be stored in the tank.

If you like this article, try to use these types of energy, which, besides being renewable are clean and efficient when saving energy at home. 

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Combat Climate Change – Five Renewable Energy Alternatives to Implement at Home

Most of the renewable energies are totally clean, and they help in a safe way to the environmental recreation, but did you know that you can implement your own renewable energy at home? Find out how you can do that in our post here.

Photovoltaic Energy

It’s responsible for controlling the temperature of your home through tubes that absorb heat, which are used as heating and generate heat or cold and are placed on the roofs of houses. These can be very useful as heaters for swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and can even change the heating for cold. This way you can correct the humidity of houses.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is responsible for producing electricity through gigantic turbines through which the air generates electricity. We have all seen these large turbines, but you do you know you can have one at home? Only smaller in size, it will take care of the same function only that the energy that you do not need will go to the local utility grid.

Energy of Biomass

This type of energy is created from all types of natural waste such as wood, organic products, which are put in fire, thus generating energy that is used to provide energy to your home and has the same uses as solar-thermal energy. It has a very low degree of environmental pollution.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy, through the use of heat pumps that are placed in the subsoil, is responsible for producing a certain amount of energy to heat or cool water. Their performance will always depend on the quality of the soil so it is best to place them in areas where the environment is not so hot or so cold.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is being implemented by many countries, especially in the US, where most houses have solar panels that absorb the sun’s rays and provide electricity, temporarily. No matter where you live you can always have these panels. In some countries to have this type of energy community approval is needed.

Now that you know these types of renewable energy, implement them at home and help others create a planet without pollution and without toxic gases in the environment. 

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The Untold Truth – 4 Damaging Effects of Fossil Fuel Energy

The pollution produced by man originates in the combustion of petroleum and its derivatives. In these combustion toxic gases are generated for living beings, such as carbon monoxide. Find out below what people do not tell you about this problem.

Ecological Damage

Biological systems are incredibly complex and can be victims of serious ecological consequences, when they are disturbed by human activity. The increase in vehicle traffic at oil drilling sites contributes significantly to noise pollution in wilderness areas. Oil extraction projects operate 24 hours a day, interrupting wildlife and affecting the sources of water, air and health of all living beings.


Very often these fossil fuels are spilled and splashed in the surroundings and when they accumulate, they generate long-term impacts on the environment and chronic effects on workers’ health, including the potential risk of cancer. Oil spills on the high seas, such as the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion, affected sea life through direct contact, inhalation and oil ingestion.

Global Warming

The gases that are in the atmosphere are transparent to solar radiation, but opaque to the infrared radiation emitted by the earth. That means that heat is retained between the atmosphere and the earth. One of the gases that allow the greenhouse effect is carbon dioxide. The burning of fossil fuels causes a greater emission of carbon dioxide, damaging the ozone layer, allowing ultraviolet rays to pass through it.

Acid Rain

The combustion of fossil fuels releases large amounts of sulfur and nitrogen oxides that react with gases from the atmosphere, and precipitate in the form of acids, increasing the acidification of water in general. The so-called acid rain, causes damage to vegetation, accelerates the contamination of land and water and corrodes buildings, metal structures and vehicles.

Using another type of energy would be the most effective way to combat these environmental problems; people could investigate to discover new ways to generate energy naturally. 

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