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If our society worked as the way it should, we know that many of the energy and fuel that we use comes from a limited source that we are exploiting each day. And since we need this exploitation in order to fulfill our duties in our everyday life, there’s a hidden damage that we are doing, not only for ourselves and others, but to our planet as well.

If you don’t know what I’m referring to, I’m referring to the damage that we are causing to our planet with the ways we are using to extract our fuel. Since fossil fuel has been the traditional way to get our energy and fuel, we have recurred to other methods to get it, causing devastation to our environment, such as Fracking, contamination or even deforestation.

Lucky for us, this is the old way of getting our energy, with our technology advancing each day, we now have the knowledge to get energy from other sources. Cleaner and renewable sources that can finally put an end to the contamination and danger that we are causing to our only planet. And while there’s still a long road to walk, each discovery and use that we make with this clean energy is an advance.

My name is Dianne Sanders, and I’m the creator of Waldro Energy, a blog that will let you know how to change your lifestyle and adapt new procedures so you can finally start using clean energy, and help the planet a little more by going with the green advances in our technology.

Since I had the idea of Waldro Energy, I wanted a blog where I could write about the interesting news and advances regarding the latest discoveries in clean energy. The blog is also dedicated to find useful ways to promote the use of such renewable energies it in our own homes. This will allow us to start developing a healthy and clean source of energy without causing more harm to our beautiful planet.

As time went on, I realized that I could write about the latest discoveries in green energy. I also aim to educate readers on the dangers of using fossil fuel and encourage them to leave it behind them. Waldro Energy is merely starting on internet, but there are a lot of readers that supports what is best for the planet, and understand the importance of taking care of it.