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The Untold Truth – 4 Damaging Effects of Fossil Fuel Energy

The pollution produced by man originates in the combustion of petroleum and its derivatives. In these combustion toxic gases are generated for living beings, such as carbon monoxide. Find out below what people do not tell you about this problem.

Ecological Damage

Biological systems are incredibly complex and can be victims of serious ecological consequences, when they are disturbed by human activity. The increase in vehicle traffic at oil drilling sites contributes significantly to noise pollution in wilderness areas. Oil extraction projects operate 24 hours a day, interrupting wildlife and affecting the sources of water, air and health of all living beings.


Very often these fossil fuels are spilled and splashed in the surroundings and when they accumulate, they generate long-term impacts on the environment and chronic effects on workers’ health, including the potential risk of cancer. Oil spills on the high seas, such as the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion, affected sea life through direct contact, inhalation and oil ingestion.

Global Warming

The gases that are in the atmosphere are transparent to solar radiation, but opaque to the infrared radiation emitted by the earth. That means that heat is retained between the atmosphere and the earth. One of the gases that allow the greenhouse effect is carbon dioxide. The burning of fossil fuels causes a greater emission of carbon dioxide, damaging the ozone layer, allowing ultraviolet rays to pass through it.

Acid Rain

The combustion of fossil fuels releases large amounts of sulfur and nitrogen oxides that react with gases from the atmosphere, and precipitate in the form of acids, increasing the acidification of water in general. The so-called acid rain, causes damage to vegetation, accelerates the contamination of land and water and corrodes buildings, metal structures and vehicles.

Using another type of energy would be the most effective way to combat these environmental problems; people could investigate to discover new ways to generate energy naturally. 

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