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Clean Energy Against Fuel Energy – What is Better for Us?

In countries, several people are adapting to what we call renewable energy, and many companies and factories create new products that are useful for us. In this article we take a look at the key differences between renewable and fuel energy and how they stack up against each other.

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Fuel Energy

Our world is continually changing. The economic development that unleashed the industrial revolution is making our society evolve.

A fully industrialized society where economic development is linked to energy sources. The energy that the human being consumes daily to develop all activities, is obtained from different sources.

The combustion, extraction, processing and transport of these fossil fuels have a direct effect on the greenhouse effect. Almost 80% of global carbon dioxide emissions come from the use of fossil fuels. The population is affected by pollution and suffers from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. It provides a large amount of energy. Although they do not serve for a long time, they are strong and cheap energies.

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Renewable Energy

It is a system of energy production excluding any pollution or management where we get rid of all hazardous waste for our planet. These energies are those that do not generate waste. However, clean energies are in full development in view of our current concern for the preservation of the environment and the crisis of exhaustible energies such as gas or oil.

In addition, they use natural sources such as wind and water. The most commonly used sources of clean energy are geothermal energy, which uses the internal heat of our planet, wind energy, hydroelectric energy and solar energy, often used for solar water heaters. There are many advantages of clean energies as their own name indicates. They do not pollute, do not produce waste, do not cause chemicals, they are renewable, they reduce pollution.

Now you know some differences between renewable energy and how fuel is used to generate energy. What kind of energy do you use? What would you do to improve the quality of life of people living on the planet? The use of clean energies in our lives will help us to reduce problems such as pollution or global warming.