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Three Ways of Implementing Clean Energy at Home

While it may seem impossible to implement clean energy alternatives at home, we have the answer for you. As our last article had many visits and was very useful in renewable energy options, here we give you some clean energy options that are also very useful to save energy at home!

Rooftop Solar Panels

We have talked about solar panels, they work using the photovoltaic cells of the sun. These cells are combined in many different ways to achieve both the voltage and the desired power and thus be able to get solar energy is converted into energy that we can consume cleanly and without damaging the environment.

The process is that the light, which arrives in the form of photons, impacts on the solar panels that emits electrons that, when captured, produce an electric current. Of course, at the moment very few companies in the world have the capacity and the necessary technical resources to be able to produce them.

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Solar Oven

The solar oven is an appliance that allows you to cook food using the energy of the sun. It belongs to the group of solar cookers for accumulation. It is basically a thermally insulated space, designed to capture as much sunlight as possible, transform it into useful heat and keep it inside to prepare food.

It works with solar energy, its main feature is that it accumulates heat gradually allowing cooking food at lower temperatures than conventional methods, which has a positive effect on the taste and nutritional quality of the preparations. Besides baking, it allows you to cook and boil. It is also ideal for sterilizing glass jars, preparing some types of preserves and dehydrating foods.

Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater is a device that uses solar energy that reaches the earth’s surface in the form of radiation, water at times, environment, brine, glycol or even air. Its most common use is to heat water for use in sanitary services such as showers, laundry or swimming pools.

The efficiency of the heaters is not excessive, but as the energy is free its use is almost always quite profitable. If the circulation is direct, potable water is used and it will be used in showers, toilets and washing machines. The water passes through the collector to be stored in the tank.

If you like this article, try to use these types of energy, which, besides being renewable are clean and efficient when saving energy at home.